- Collage -

Amsterdam 2030

Collage's from "Amsterdam 2030", a subject about how Amsterdam would look after war, an apocalypse, an attack from another country. I have a huge weak spot for War, and the suffering it brings. Don't ask why, we all have our stranger things. But, if you ask me, the real way to destroy that city, is by flooding it. Therefor water is an important theme, besides hiding. Hiding from evil, and all that can harm you, because death will follow you.

The things we see

Science has given us much, but there are weak spots which we should not overlook. We are sinners, liars, and have the great ability to deny what is right in front of us when it does not fit in our image of the world. Therefor are this little collages, which are solely made up from pictures I found in an old encyclopedia.